Your Location. Your Project.

Our Solution.

We have built our business on listening to the needs of our guests. Every floor plan, every update, and every location is a result of a conversation, or multiple conversations, with a guest or guests. We take the time to ask, how was your stay? What can we do better? Where are you going next?

We utilize this valuable insight to develop each and every one of our properties and we can bring the same years of experience of expertise to your next project.

Everyday multi-million dollar projects are planned, commenced, or commissioned. Each one of these projects requires a skilled workforce to bring it to fruition. Strangely enough, housing is usually the last thing on the list and the first thing needed. We are here to take this headache away and SAVE YOU MONEY at the same time.

As Simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Provide the Who, When, Where, and How Many
  2. Provide us your Budget
  3. We do the Rest

Project Specific Locations

Upon your commitment, we will build a “custom site” designed specifically to meet your company’s needs. We focus on providing a safe, efficient, home like community for your team. You choose the amenities, you choose the services, you write the rules, and we make it all happen for you.

We can provide everything you need to take care of a 100 up to 2,500 all at a fraction of your per diem cost. We are CUSTOM TOUCH VILLAGE and we will customize your site for you.