The Custom Touch Difference

Purposeful Passion

Custom Touch Village’s perspective is a little different that most lodging providers. Every lodging company has a bed to offer, usually a bathroom, and a few necessities. In our business the difference lies between the quality of the accommodation and the experience of the “stay”.

What makes us any different? We are the BUILDER, we are the DEVELOPER, we are the MANAGEMENT, we are the MAINTENANCE department, and we are HOUSEKEEPING. We are responsible from the first 2 x 4 board to the sheets on the bed and beyond. We are committed to providing the highest quality buildings, with above industry standard linens and in room amenities, the friendliest staff, all at a more than fair price.

Our Passion is caring for the people that are working hard day in and day out to make America great. The welders, the oilfield workers, the plant workers, the wind technicians, the retail merchants, the construction crews, the pipe liners, and more. We are dedicated to providing a home-like, safe, comfortable, friendly, and relaxing environment for our guests to rejuvenate and prepare for the next day. It has been proven that a well-rested employee is a safer, more productive employee which saves lives and company dollars.

Taking care of the working men and women is a job we take seriously it is our Purposeful Passion.